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New EBooks in the Catalog

April 9, 2013

Every month several thousand ebooks are added to our collection. I thought we might highlight some of this month’s additions. Many of these books are appropriate for students and faculty who don’t have access to the physical library in Baldwin City. Ebooks in business and education:

• Accelerating lean Six Sigma Resultys, by Terence T. Burton. (J. Ross Publishing, 2011)
• Accounting Ethics (2nd ed.), by Brenda Shay and Ronald F. Duska and Julie Anne Ragatz. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011)
• Advertising and consumer psychology : handbook of brand relationships, by Deborah J. MacInnis, C. Whan Park and Joseph R. Priester. (ME Sharpe, 2009)
• Academic research and researchers, by Angela Brew and Lisa Lucas. (McGraw-Hill, 2009)
• After “Brown” : the rise and retreat of school desegregation, by Charles T. Clotfelter. (Princeton, 2011)
• Advancing the culture of teaching on campus : how a teaching center can make a difference, by Constance Cook, Matthew Kaplan, and Lester P. Monts. (Stylus, 2011)

The entire list is available at Ebrary. You’ll notice that all the titles in my lists begin with “A” – that’s all the further I got into the list! But you can do a subject search on either broad or narrow subject headings. I found 32 new books on “Biology” and 115 on “Education.” Most of the books were published within the last two years, but I noticed Derek Bok’s Beyond the Ivory Tower, from 1985 on the list.

Here are a few more titles to entice you:
• Ai Weiwei’s blog : writings, interviews, and digital rants, 2006-2009. (MIT Press, 2011)
• Android application development for Java programmers, by James C. Sheusi. (Cengage, 2012)
• Agricola and Germany, by Anthony Birley. (Oxford, 1999)
• A series of books by Burton Fisher on operas – Les Troyens, Maria Stuarda, Parsifal, Francesca da Rimini (2012)
• Arte Povera and the Baroque : building an international identity, by Laura Petican. (Peter Lang, 2011)
• After Empire : the conceptual transformation of the Chinese state, 1885-1924, by Peter Zarrow. (Stanford, 2012)
• ALPH : Good Dragons are rare : an inquiry into literary dragons East and West, by Fanfan Chen and Thomas Honegger. (Peter Lang, 2009)
• Actor within : intimate conversations with great actors, by Rose Eichenbaum and Aron Hirt-Manheimer. (Wesleyan, 2011)
• Amherst Series in Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought : Imagining new legalities : Privacy and its possibilities in the 21st century, by Austin Sarat, Lawrence Douglas, and Martha Umphrey. (Stanford, 2012)
• Anatomy of Harpo Marx, by Wayne Koestenbaum. (California, 2012)
• Antimatter, by Frank Close. (Oxford, 2009)
• Animal osmoregulation, by Tim Bradley. (Oxford, 2008)

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