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Deep linking within Baker’s catalog

November 10, 2010

Here’s a neat trick to get your students to the records of library materials they’ll need in a single click (i.e., without having to even navigate to the catalog to search).  It’s called deep linking; it’s a little tricky to do, but I’ve set things up here so that you should only have to input certain information to create links.

You can link to a variety of different indexed fields in the catalog.  Here are a few examples.

Subject term search:

Title search:

To make your own, simply copy the full URL without brackets, paste it into the browser’s address bar, a Word document, or whatever text editing tool you want to use, then replace the terms “small+business+finance” or  “harry+potter+and+the+chamber+of+secrets” to something you want.  You can replace those terms with whatever and however many terms you like, but be sure there are + signs and no spaces between them.

If you’d rather link to ISBNs in the catalog, you can do that too:

The “&library=BAKER” at the end of every URL limits the search to only Baker University Library materials.  If you remove that string from the URL, the search will retrieve results from all the libraries in the Kansas City Library Services Program (Baker, KC Public Library and its branches, Benedictine College, Park University, KCK Community College and others).  This can be a good thing; Baker students have access to circulating items from any KC-LSP library, so you may want students to see as many results as possible if they’re just getting started with their research.

The URLs above have been turned into hyperlinks, but using any bog standard forum or content management software (*cough* Moodle *cough*) you can create hyperlink text around the URL that is easy for your students to read.  Take the title example above.  It looks a lot better like this: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

If you have questions about making these and putting them into your Moodle modules or anywhere else, please let me know and I’ll be glad to help.

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