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Library Angels

September 12, 2010

We’re so lucky!

 In a tough budgetary situation last year we received nearly 700 gifts of books, cds, museum catalogs, etc. Several faculty members contributed handsomely in the areas of physical education, economics, and art. The music collection benefited from a gifts from several former faculty members. Thanks to:

  • Lowell Jacobsen
  • Lynn Bott
  • Eugenia Askew
  • John & Susan Buehler
  • Bill & Barbara Gaeddert

Other gifts came from friends and strangers – one gift of really classic economics texts, another of primary documents in the area of religion, a complete run of Modern Drama from the estate of one of the editors and another stunning gift of art books and catalogs.

  • LuAnn Dixon
  • Margi Conrads
  • Keith Davis
  • Bee Woods Stewart
  • Emerson Lynn
  • Bill Crowe
  • Cathy & Ross Ogden

In addition, Ron Holland, a member of the Board of Trustees is lending us a sizeable jazz collection for the use of the music students this year. There are some wonderful historical recordings in addition to a lot of standards.

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